Tennis Team 1968 From Richard Goss
Tennis Team - 1968

Richard Goss (FS 63-68) writes in an email:"I have had such delight in seeing some of the "old" photographs on the website that it reminded me that somewhere I had some "old team" photographs you might like to add.

The tennis team picture I think was from 1968. I am the front row centre, clearly they were short of good captains that year, the other names I can recall are Harrison bottom right, Hughes bottom left, Halfpenny top left, Morgan top right and unfortunately no name comes to mind for top centre. It really strikes that in general I can not recall many Christian names!"

So, names we have to date are......

Back Row LtoR:
1) N.A. (Nigel) Halfpenny     2) ? Marlin       3) ? Morgan
Front Row LtoR: 1) L.T.G Hughes (SH 64-68)     2) R. (Richard) Goss (FS 63-68)     3) Nick? Harrison

Any further comments or suggestions?