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  January 2015


London Branch Dinner

After an absence of several years, the London branch convened at the Four Seasons Hotel on Park Lane for a highly enjoyable dinner in July. Courtesy of some much appreciated sponsorship from the Four Seasons Hotels Group (for which gratitude is owed to Guy Rigby FS 73-78), some forty Old St Beghians and their partners enjoyed a delicious dinner overlooking Hyde Park. The dinner attracted an impressive age span of over three quarters of a century, from several who left St Bees in 2008 to the enduring Bill Frankland, who had left school some 78 years previously!

Our special guest, the Headmaster James Davies, spoke of the improving fortunes of the school, with pupil numbers on the increase and impressive academic results, whilst timely speeches from Nigel Halfpenny and Darryl Davies reminded everyone of the financial challenges facing the private education sector and the need for ongoing support for the school.
The most impressive performance of the evening was from James Davies, who was still going strong late into the evening, despite having to be at Heathrow the following morning at 6.00 am for a flight to Germany!

All agreed to meet up again in 2015 for a another London branch dinner and anyone interested should please contact
Tim Crossley-Smith on 0207 911 2291 or

Those present on the night were: Howard Batey (FN 73-78), Alistair Booth (SH 96-03), Jo Clarke (L 76-78),
Tim Crossley-Smith (SH 73-78), Mrs Trish Crossley-Smith, Darryl Davies (FS 62-68), Bill Frankland (FN 26-30),
Kath De Gara (L 01-08), Michael Gillman (SH 68-73), Lucy Gilmour (L 00-07), Richard Goss (FS 62-67), John Graham (SH 54-60), Eric Gummers (G 71-78), Nigel Halfpenny (FN 60-67), Mike Hayward (FS 74-78), Elizabeth Hutchinson (L 98-05),
Paul Isaac (G 67-71), Alice Johnston (L 01-08), Lucy Johnston (L 00-07), Mark Kirpalani (SH 80-85), Katie Lewis (L 01-08),
Paul Mawson (FS 83-90), Jonathan Milburn (FS 83-90), Rob Page (F 86-91), Tom Pavey Smith (G 01-08), Gordon Peel (F55- 59), Mrs Yvonne Peel, Paul Raddon (SH 90-97), Matthew Rigby (FS 73-78), Sam Robson (G 79-81), Mark Rocca (FS 75-80),
Jane Routledge (G 77-82), David Stark (F 52-57), Mrs David Stark, Alan Stewart (SH 82-89), Malcolm Strutt (SH 60-63),
Trent Wallace (FS 73-78), Dacre Watson (SH 56-62), Professor Frank Woods (G 51-57) (Chairman of the Governing Body), Hannah Wharrior (L 96-03) and Will Winzor (SH 00-07).

Please click here to see some photographs of the evening.



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