No. 187

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  January 2015


Alison wade (G 85-90) writes:

“Despite my school days being marked by an uncompromising talent for being picked last for every sports team, I have recently been lucky enough to work on my second Olympic Games, having been engaged as the Showcaller at Olympic Medal Plasa in Sochi, where I showcalled 89 medal ceremonies over fifteen days at the Winter Olympic Games, including for Team GB's own Lizzie Yarnold, as well as cultural performances and rock concerts. Two years previously I also filled the role of Script Manager for London 2012s opening and closing ceremonies, a fantastic opportunity to be part of a celebration in all that is great about both Britain and my home city. Whilst my prowess at school sport was always underwhelming, I do, in part, owe opportunities like these, and the twenty years I've so far spent enjoying a colourful career in stage management, to being able to "make theatre" at school. It was a 4th or 5th form trip to see the RSC's Romeo and Juliet in Newcastle, featuring a very young Sean Bean, which convinced me that I was going to be a part of creating performance; it was the guidance of great drama teachers such as Perry Mills, which opened my eyes to the possibility that girls could ask to take on backstage roles other than costume and makeup. Whilst every edition of the Old St Beghian is a reminder to me of the almost religious status of sport at the school, rest assured that the skills I developed in avoiding participation in said sport have been the same creative, problem-solving skills that have allowed me to forge a career in entertainment production, working as part of some extraordinarily large and talented teams. A timely reminder that teamwork exists in many arenas, all of these worthy of celebration.”



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