No. 187

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  January 2015


David Gummers (G/FN 75-83) writes:

“I do not normally do anything for the magazine, but this is a story that is a little different.

I was on a regular holiday to Cape Town, when I discovered a singing talent that is truly astonishing. Miss Natalie Johannes is a beauty therapist in a five-star hotel, who was my beauty therapist for several years, and I invited her to a cocktail party I was hosting. I was aware she could sing, but I had no idea about the gift she had been born with. I asked her if she wanted to sing so she gathered us round, explained the song and burst into song. She had people in tears (I have the same effect, but for very different reasons!). I suggested she needed a manager, so after a month of negotiation we signed a contract.
I then got in touch with St George’s Cathedral (Desmond Tutu’s church) to see if we could host a concert there. I went to see the Dean and he agreed to our using the Cathedral for a charity concert. It was more down to Natalie’s voice than anything I said! The Cathedral was the perfect venue for a gospel singer. Helen Zille, the premier of the Western Cape, came with her husband and donated about £800.

We raised £3500 for an orphanage and bought every child a new pair of shoes. Natalie has subsequently appeared on BBC radio and featured in the Cape Argos (South Africa’s equivalent of the Sunday Times). Since then she has made a promotional video:

She is currently preparing for a second concert as well as a record release and TV appearance. Obviously we are looking for serious sponsorship.

It is without doubt the most fun I have ever had as it really is not work!

If you want to read more you can see images and articles and the full concert on my twitter @kendalmint2.”



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