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  January 2015


A. R. W. Turner (G 52-57)

Robin Turner died on 21st August 2014 aged 75. He was born in Shipley, Yorkshire and came to St Bees School in 1952, initially on Meadow House and then Grindal. At school he was an accomplished all-round sportsman, playing for the 1st XV (1955-1957), which he captained in his final year. He was also a member of the P.T. team in those years as well at the Shooting VIII.

After leaving school he went on to Edinburgh University, although ill health prevented his taking a maths degree. Subsequently he became an expert in the design and installation of mooring systems, with his own company. In later years he ran the business as a design consultancy, supervising installations, acting for Lloyds underwriters, lecturing, and working with naval architects and research organisations. Throughout his life he was a passionate adventurer with climbing and diving being his major interests. He also loved to paint and sketch and enjoyed both listening to and making music, chiefly playing the guitar and piano. Robin is survived by his second wife, Rosemary, and children Frances, May-Anne, Lesley and David, and his sister Sara.



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