From the Editor:

A press cutting from the London Daily Mail for September 1967 recently came my way referring to an incident at a ‘night club’ in St Bees, when ‘the blond cabaret singer’ arranged a date for the following night with ‘the exciting young man she had met the previous evening at the club’. To her dismay, he subsequently appeared ‘in school blazer and shorts!’ He was a pupil at St Bees School. The resident comedian at the ‘night club’, ‘Duggie Clark’, made the incident a feature of his act for the rest of the week. There follow several comments from boys at the school about the iniquity of wearing shorts, ‘Of course we are embarrassed,’ said a 16-year-old. ‘Some of the boys are almost 20’. Can any OSBs provide information about this ‘incident’? There is a picture of the girl in question, a real ‘stunner’.

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