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  Autumn 2015


Cumbria (North and West)

This year’s dinner was held at the Castle Bar in Cockermouth on Friday 20th March 2015 and despite the sadness of the school’s closing, which was announced the previous week, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The meal was excellent (three courses and coffee for £22.50) and the atmosphere was electrifying. The starters were so large they could have been the main course!

In the absence of the Headmaster, speeches were made by Darryl Davies (Branch Secretary) and Dacre Watson (Society President). 27 people attended.

Tim Brown, Darryl Davies (Branch Secretary), Edward Thompson, Richard de la Riviere, Mike & Judy Farrer, Brian Golightly, Fred Lord (Society Secretary & Treasurer) & Fiona, Amelia McWilliam, David Spires, Alan & Helen Stout (nee Dixon), Dacre Watson (Society President), Don & Linda Williams, Anthony & Joanna Wills, Alan & Evelyn Crowther, Mike & Kate Brandwood, Stephen Downham, Alistair Lord, Clive & Bridget Milburn and Emma Pallett (nee Thurnham).

Darryl Davies (West Cumbria Branch Secretary).

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