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  Autumn 2015


N.E. Branch Golf Event: OSBs Tee Off at Hexham

Organiser of OSB gatherings at various sporting events, Don Williams, Chairman of the North East Branch, was delighted to add golf to the list of great OSB outings. Arranging this was a challenge for OSB Geoff Steven, who offered to act as host for a golf day at Hexham Golf Club in July. As an enthusiastic supporter, Don is confident that this will be just the beginning of an annual event.

In the North East there are only a small number of OSB golfers but it’s still ‘game on’ even with only one or two takers. This historic golf club saw two OSB players and two very interested OSB spectators embark on an equally historic ‘first’ for the Branch.

George Robson describes his first visit to Hexham golf course as follows: ‘It has a lovely, picturesque Georgian mansion as a clubhouse and a spectacularly beautiful course with rolling landscapes dotted with mature and varied trees. The spectators hired a buggy from the well-appointed golf shop and Don volunteered to steer us around the course. We drove between the greens alongside players Geoff and Paul. Paul McAteer was at school in the early 1980s, later than the rest of us. You can imagine that as play progressed it was interspersed with many interesting and humorous anecdotes about St Bees.

Even though I had never played golf, I knew enough about the game to appreciate what was going on. Neither Paul nor Geoff can profess to be budding Speiths or McIlroys but both are clearly proficient performers, without a single ball going out of bounds. Towards the last holes on this sunny day it suddenly got cooler. Clearly rain was in the air. As drops fell Don and I pointed the buggy towards the clubhouse, whilst in waterproofs the players continued towards the eighteenth. It was not long before we were all gathered in the commodious lounge. Drinks and bar meals were ordered and the day concluded with more chat about old times and the years since. Everyone agreed to come back next year when we hope that more golfers and spectators will join us.’

Our host of the day, Geoff, summarised, ‘It was a lovely round of golf with enjoyable company. Next year, with more golfers, the merrier it will be.’  It was the first OSB outing in years for Paul McAteer. He added, ‘Hexham has an excellent golf course. It was a great day to remember and as a result I will be attending the N.E. Branch Dinner and other future OSB events.’

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