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  Autumn 2015



The School Chamber Choir

Choral Evensong at Liverpool - Wed 25th March, 2015

Following previously successful visits to Durham, St Pauls and Southwark cathedrals, the choir was invited to sing
Choral Evensong at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral by their Organist Titulaire, Ian Tracey,
who had earlier visited the school to voice the new chapel organ.

The music for the service included:
Responses: Rose,
Canticles: Stanford in G (soloists Francesca Merlo and Liam Jones)
Anthem: Annunciation by John Tavener (in memory of John Tavener)


Darryl Davies (FS 62-68) arranged a meet-up following the service and reports:

“After the evensong a group of Old St Beghians met at the “Ego” restaurant on Hope Street and had an excellent meal.
I have never seen a restaurant so busy on a Wednesday night and I was glad that we had reserved some tables.
Those present were: Tim Crossley-Smith (SH 73-78) & Trish, Darryl Davies (FS 62-68), Charlie Lambert (G 64-68) &
Fiona Cowperthwaite (L 99-05). Matthew Rigby (FS 73-78) & Judi were due to join us, but unfortunately their car broke down.”




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