No. 188

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  Autumn 2015


Mike Charnley (FN 70-75) sends an update:

“Each time I read the Bulletin I wonder what has happened in the lives of the people I knew from my time in 1970-75 because I rarely see any news from that period.

Yet again I am on a drilling rig as I write this in the Persian Gulf close to the border with Iran.
This year I am working in peaceful Doha compared to the quick bus trip out of Tripoli over to Tunis last year!
With yet another oil crisis in our industry I hope I will still be working by the second half of this year!
At least I have my house back in Malaysia; no heating bills to worry about!
See what happens when you study geology as I did back in my last few years at St Bees!”

(Well, what about it you OSBs from the 1970s? Give us some updates and we will gladly print them - Ed.)



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