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  Autumn 2015


W. Nelson Hewitson (SH 53-58).

Peter J. Turner (FN 53-58) adds the following about W. Nelson Hewitson:

Nelson and I were not too close while at school, but when I returned to work and live in Cumbria in 1965 for Distington Engineering Company, Nelson was already with the company and we became firm friends.

Shortly afterwards he suffered a serious head injury in a car accident and was instructed by the surgeon who saved his life in Newcastle not to play any contact sports again. This was devastating news as he was an accomplished cricketer, tennis and squash player and also played rugby for Egremont. That is when we took up golf together, playing most weekends in all weathers against my father, J. H. Turner (F23-28) and his friend, as “The Oldies v Youngies” as we were then!

We both left Distington Engineering and Nelson joined the DSS in Workington. After passing the Civil Service examinations to SEO level, he was offered a senior position with the newly created, and sometimes controversial CSA in Hull - as he put it - ‘They’ve made me an offer I can’t refuse’ and he somewhat reluctantly left Cumbria for Yorkshire where he and Carol raised their family and to where he chose to retire.

On speaking to his former colleagues, they told me that he was widely respected for the common sense, dry sense of humour and diplomacy which he brought to this position.

Most poignantly for me was his 2014 Christmas card in which he said: ‘It will surprise you to know that I will be visiting Cumbria next summer to take some money off you at golf again!’ Alas, he was unable to carry out that threat!

Nelson was a kind, thoughtful and generous man who will be greatly missed and remembered with affection by all who were close to him.



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