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  Autumn 2015


Dr F. A. (Tony) Winzor (Master 1984-2009).

Tony Winzor died on 6th March 2015 in hospital at Cockermouth. He was born in Workington, though most of his pre-university life was spent in Wolverhampton, to where his family had moved when he was a young boy.

He graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in metallurgy and then continued as a post graduate to read for a PhD.

His first job was physics-based and meant a return to Cumbria, where he was employed at the Sellafield plant and for some years studied the effects of radiation in the environment. He is on record as saying that although he thoroughly enjoyed his time in this work, he became aware that he needed something that would bring him more instant rewards, and this led him to embark on a career as a schoolmaster, teaching physics at St Bees School. He eventually became Head of Physics, Director of Studies, and then one of the Deputy Heads in a career that lasted from 1984 until 2009, at which point he became Headmaster of Hunter Hall Preparatory School in Penrith, a post he held until his retirement in 2013.

A former colleague at St Bees, Chris Robson (Master 68-99), wrote the following in appreciation of Tony in 2009:

It always surprised me that Tony did not start his career in education earlier, as, within a few weeks of his arrival, he showed himself to be an exceptionally gifted teacher, a fact that was later recognised by the Institute of Physics when he was selected as one of the Physics Teachers of the Year. In his lessons, his pupils would experience physics’ principles being applied with clarity, enthusiasm and, at times, great excitement. But Tony’s contribution to the school was far more than as a physics teacher. He has guided large numbers of pupils into university courses, often spending long periods on the telephone when their results did not quite match requirements. As a fine sportsman, he has coached rugby, cricket and fives. He has organised ‘readings and music evenings’ and made many addresses in the school chapel. Many of us who worked with him over the years will have our own memories of cricket matches at Eskdale, of birthday celebrations in the Science block, of evenings of laughter and good conversation and much more, and he will have the good wishes of the many people he has helped in his time at the school.



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