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  Autumn 2015


South Will (and Did) Rise Again!


A Foundation South Reunion Dinner, ‘South will Rise Again’, organised by Trevor Whitwell (FS 66-72) and
Peter Martland (FS 67-72), was held in Foundation, on Sat 13th June 2015, for those at school in the late 60s/early 70s.

A wonderful evening was had by all those who attended. The landing of a Loach (OH-6A Cayuse) Vietnam War veteran helicopter at Wallside, piloted by the son of Simon Johnson (FS 70-73) and colleague Mike Hewitt (SH 69-74), plus tours
of the school and an excellent slide show of old photos put together by Chris Jenkinson (FS 67-72), were among the
highlights of the evening.

Those present were: Nick Bacon (FS 68-73) & Katharine, Joe Croasdale (FS 70-75), Brian Fisher (FS 65-70) & Rosemarie, Charles Gray (FN 70-74), Mike Hewitt (SH 69-74) & Karen, Richard Hird (FS 68-73), Clive Hodges (FS 67-72),
Simon Johnson (FS 70-73) & Nina, Tim MacKay (FS 68-73), Peter Martland (FS 67-72) & Helen and
Trev Whitwell (FS 66-72) & Brenda.

Former Masters present: Philip & Maureen Barratt, Richard Elgood and Tom & Ann Rice.
Plus David Lord & Pam Rumney from the St Beghian Society.

Please click here to view photographs.



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