Thank you to all of you who responded to our plea in the last Bulletin regarding ‘Addresses Required’.

As mentioned in previous editions of the Bulletin, we currently have a substantial number of Society Members for whom we do not hold an up to date address. We have been listing and will continue to list (In the separate Supplement List), the names of those members whose current details are not known. Previous Supplements have included Members from present day back to 1950 and in this edition we are including those leavers from 1935 – 1949 that we have no address for.

Please do have a look at the Supplement List to see if you can assist us – it would be most appreciated.


Please note, if your name appears but you have recently returned an Information Request Form, we do apologise as we are still in the process of inputing the data received.
Please bear with us and we will up date the lists as soon as we can!

If you can help, please contact :
Pam Rumney, or (01946) 828093.


In addition, a full list (all years) of all the people that we wish to contact may now also be found on the Society website at

The St. Beghian Society,    St. Bees School,    St. Bees,    Cumbria,    CA27 0DS.
Tel: 01946 828093     Email: