Gervase Dodd (FS 56-61) has sent in the following update:

“I was particularly interested in the previous Bulletin to see Bill Greetham's note about the Last Post. I am not sure whether I took over directly from him, or whether Chris Ward (G 55-60), who like me was a trumpeter in the Corps band, did a spell, but in any event I filled the 10 o'clock slot for at least a couple of years until I left in 1961, playing from the War Memorial outside the library. So the question now is how long the tradition lasted after 1961? I have often thought how the village residents must have relished the quiet of the school holidays, not least because they were spared the nightly bugle call!
After leaving St Bees I followed Chris Ward to Reading University, where we trumpeted together occasionally. After Reading I joined the steel industry at what was then John Summers & Sons on Deeside near Chester. After the company was nationalised, de-nationalised (when did this become "privatised", I wonder?) and re-nationalised in the space of a few years, I left to join Greenall Whitley, the Warrington-based brewers and pub operators, as a founder member of their personnel department. During my 29 years with Greenalls, the company grew until it was briefly in the FTSE 100 and then shrank again - all those acquisitions, closures and disposals were grist to the mill of an HR specialist! - and after ten years as Director of Group Personnel Services I retired in 2002. Since then I have been occupied with gardening and building maintenance, country sports, voluntary work for the NSPCC, and our local village hall. I have also seen J.V.M.Green several times during his occasional visits from Australia.”

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