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The Halford Hewitt Cup 8th-11th April 2010
Thursday 8th of April - St Bees v The Leys – Royal Cinque Ports GC

In match 1, Neil Morton and Charlie Crummey, as the senior pair, led the team from the front. Unfortunately the Leysians’ current county players proved daunting opposition. Three down after seven competitive holes, St Bees suddenly found their true form and were only one down at the turn. A poor run then ensued and the match finished on the 14th. It was a great effort by Neil to stand in at the last minute. The sacrificial pair had done their job! Match Result; St Bees lost 5 and 4.

In match 2, Mike Stamper and Mark Morrison had the task of taking on a couple of ex-county players, one of whom had also had some time in the professional ranks. After losing the first to par, the match stayed close, mainly thanks to Stamper's hot putter. Unfortunately, though holding on well, the pair were unable to capitalise on the odd couple of chances that came their way on the first nine. Through the turn two holes were lost easily to the steady Leysians, putting the Old St Beghians firmly on the back foot. The game closed on the 14th when St Bees were unable to sink the birdie putt required to keep the game alive. St Bees lost 5 and 4.

In match 3, Andrew Deall and Stephen Moss won on the last par 3, the 14th. St Bees were up throughout the match and took the game easily.
St Bees won 5 and 4.

In match 4, Gareth Edgar and Adrian Peckitt made a good start going three up at the fourth with a birdie two. Some sloppy play let the opposition back into the match as we lost the seventh and eighth to be one up. A par at the ninth put the St.Bees pair two up again. The Leys fought back and the match was all square after the 12th. It was obvious by now that this would be the deciding game. The 13th was halved in par. The Leys then holed a 30 ft putt to win the 14th and go one up. An extraordinary 15th was halved in 7, Adrian holing a 25ft putt. There were similar happenings at the 16th, though unfortunately, the St. Bees pair three- putted following a brave attempt at a hole- winning putt. St Bees lost 2 and 1.

In match 5, the result was 5/4 in favour of St Bees and would have been more if it had not been for a lost ball on the 5th. The game was really all over after 6 holes. John Currie and Andrew Goodwin played a very solid first four holes, scoring a steady 3 x par start and a birdie 2 at the first short hole, going four up after 4 holes. Having lost the 5th to a Leys bogey due to the lost ball, the St Bees reply was another birdie at the 6th to go four up again. Thereafter, St.Bees settled down into steady golf, which was just enough to defend a Leys fight back on the tenth and eleventh, and St Bees eventually closed out the game at 14. St Bees won 5 and 4.

Overall result: St Bees 2, The Leys 3

The Princes Plate
Friday 9th of April - St Bees v Edinburgh Academy – Princes GC

In match 1, Andrew Deall and Stephen Moss played a pair who were a combination of youth and experience. The match was played in an excellent spirit. A good twelve holes from St Bees were followed by two poor ones by both teams. St Bees managed to keep their lead intact, closing the match out on the 17th, having narrowly missed out on a win on the 16th. St Bees won 2 and 1.

In match 2, Adrian Peckitt and Gareth Edgar started poorly and were soon five down. A great tee shot by Gareth led to a win at the 8th. An Edinburgh Academy player had a brainstorm at the 9th when he knocked his ball off the green after a missed putt and therefore conceded the hole, so we were back to three down. A great 4 and win at the 10th put us two down. The match was probably lost with some ill fortune at the par three 11th, when we had to drop from GUR from the side of a greenside bunker to a drop zone which left an impossible shot over the same bunker. Edinburgh won with a par three and the match was back to 3 down.
St Bees lost 4 and 3.

In match 3, John Currie and Andrew Goodwin made a steady start but St Bees soon found themselves down. It seemed the "hit one down the middle" strategy was paying off for the opposition. This, combined with a devastating chipping display from one of the opposition pair, resulted in St Bees being four down at the turn, having done not a lot wrong.
Both Currie and Goodwin all too often could not find the hole after having played their way into good positions. The crucial moment in the match was at the fourteenth hole, where our opponents made a good bogey, but St Bees were in good heart after a fine drive up the left by Currie and an excellent long iron from Goodwin to the heart of the green.
Goodwin, who had partnered Currie many times previously, was aware of the fact that his partner tended to leave him with the odd ten footer! Thankfully this time, Goodwin was left by comparison with a mere four foot put to get the match back to two down. Unfortunately he missed and the match remained three down.
St Bees made a valiant effort to recover this, the deciding match, but had left it too late. Eventually the match finished on the 17th with a monster putt from the front of the green by one of our opponents. St Bees lost 2 and 1.

Overall Result: St Bees 1, Edinburgh Academy 2

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