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  Autumn 2015
Editor: Dr A. J. H. Reeve, 6 Abbey Farm, St Bees, Cumbria, CA27 0DY.
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  From our President

  St Beghians' Day 2015:
     Report of the Day
     AGM Minutes (word or pdf)

  OSB Notes:
     Bill Affleck (SH 45-51) &
         Drew Herdman (SH 45-48)

     Bill Affleck (SH 45-51)
      Richard Bourne (G 60-65)
      Mike Charnley (FN 70-75)
      Stephen Edwards (FN 52-57)
      Peter Lord (G 58-62)



  School Archives Update

  School Photos:
     Team Photos from 80s/90s
     Whole School Photos


Anthony Chadwick (SH 49-52)
    Thomas Elliott (F 33-39)
    Nigel Gilpin (M62-66)
    William Gough (SH 51-56)
    Ian Harcombe (SH 51-56) -
       By Fraser Harcombe (Son)
       By Jim Harcombe (SH 50-55)
    Nelson Hewitson (SH 53-58) -
       By John Hewitson (SH 52-57)
       By Peter Turner (FN 53-58)
    John Jackson (SH 40-44)
    Ian Michael (SH 29-33)
    Michael Taylor (F 50-53)
    Andrew Thomson (FN 50-54)
    Ralph Thomson (FN 52-57)
    Dr Tony Winzor (M 84-09)

  Events & Branch Notes:
     Branch Activities/Dinners
 Bristol & SW 2015 Report
        Cumbria Report & Photos
North East Dinner & Photos
Scottish Report & Photos

     Foundation South Dinner

     Liverpool Meet-Up
     North East Branch News

Sec - New Contact Details
Newcastle Rugby Report '15
Golf at Hexham Report 2015

Branch Dinners/Other Dates
Bristol & SW 2016
Hong Kong 2016 - NEW
Manchester 2016
South Africa 2016 - NEW
Yorkshire 2016

   Branch Secretaries

Events Photographs Wanted 

  200 Club 

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  Society Information:
     Change of Personal Details?
     Copy Deadline
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OSB Day 2015
School Team Photos From 80s &90s Golf Day at Hexham 2015
OSB Day 2015 (80s & 90s)
Newcastle Rugby Day 2015 Cumbria Dinner 2025
Foundation South Reunion 2015

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